Fish on Friday!


OK so for me it was actually yesterday and I wasn’t eating the fish they were eating me, well, kind of….


A friend and I took advantage of an offer at a local fish spa as we were intrigued to find out what this fish pedicure malarky was all about. The thought of little fish nibbling at my toes made me feel a bit nervous but after reading into it, I found that the fish don’t actually have any teeth, they just remove any dead skin by gently nibbling away.

Fish Ped1

After having our feet cleaned of any creams by a therapist we were ready to go. I nervously dipped my heel into the tank and watched as the fish came swimming over to see their next feed. At first it tickled slightly but after a while it felt quite relaxing and me and my friend were able to sit and have a catch up while the tadpole like fish did all the dirty work.

Fish Ped 2

The result? I found that a traditional pedicure is much more effective but we both walked out of the spa fresh footed and relaxed.

Would I return? Maybe if there was another offer or someone else was paying.


2 thoughts on “Fish on Friday!

  1. Oh I couldn’t of eaten them! I even tried to name them at one point but there were too many of them to keep track of their names! 🙂

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