Salted Caramel Sauce


It’s probably a bit too late to jump on the salt caramel band wagon now as it has certainly been the cool kid for a while, but with it’s popularity just increasing why not?! You see it everywhere and if you’ve tasted it you will know why. I was working hard in the gym the other day and started to crave something sweet towards the end of my work out, day dreaming of the soft chocolatey cup cakes I’d made the night before I imagined them with the sweet and salty hit of salt caramel in the middle. It certainly gave me that extra push to work harder so I wouldn’t feel so guilty afterwards! Later that afternoon I decided to make some salt caramel sauce, it keeps for a while so I made a decent size batch to keep in the fridge. I almost wish I hadn’t now because I just want to eat it with everything in sight! When I was a kid, my mum would catch me eating sugar right from the bag in the cupboard, this time it’s my fiancé catching me with the jar of salt caramel in hand! I wasn’t sure if he would like salt caramel but with the single chocolate cake remaining (I did manage to save him the last one!) I lobbed off the top like I used to when I made butterfly cakes as a child, and filled it with my sticky new friend. He looked quite sad after he had finished it and I quickly realised it was because there were no more left!

Salt Caramel Sauce is actually pretty easy to make, all you need is sugar, butter, cream and flakey salt. My favorite flakey salt is Maldon, don’t ask me why because I just don’t know but I love the stuff and put it on almost everything, now even chocolate cake it seems! Thankfully they stock it in my local supermarket so I can always have some to hand!

So far I have used this batch of Salted Caramel  in chocolate cake, as a dip for apples, in my coffee, on ice cream and just on it’s own.

400g Granulated Sugar

170g Unsalted Butter, you’ll need to cut this into small chunks and have it ready at room temperature

240ml double cream (I actually used Emlea Light as that’s what I had in the fridge)

1 tbsp Maldon Sea Salt

One sterilised jar

Heat the Sugar in a heavy saucepan over a medium heat, when it begins to melt, start whisking to prevent any burning. SCC Heating SugarWhisk and whisk until the sugar has completely melted. Now continue to heat the sugar until it is a dark amber colour, this won’t take long, just be careful you don’t burn the sugar here as it will give your finished sauce a bitter taste. SCC Melted Sugar Remove from the heat and slowly add the butter bit by bit, it will sizzle from the heat of the sugar when you add it so go careful and gently whisk it in until it’s all melted. Now add the cream and gently stir in until everything is mixed. You can now add the salt and stir until incorporated. Allow it to cool for about 30 minutes before pouring into a sterilised jar. SCC Caramel from aboveDon’t put it in the fridge until it reaches room temperature. Enjoy with a spoon.. or an apple!

SCC Apple Salt Caramel

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